David Marsh Furniture

A long time favorite here at Blue Moon Home Furnishings has been furniture designed and made by David Marsh. If you are unfamiliar with David Marsh but are a fan of fun, sustainable, and rustic furniture that is completely one-of-a-kind, this is a brand you should not overlook.

So who is David Marsh?

David Marsh is a craftsman, artist, and woodworker of the highest possibly quality. He got his start in 1970 when he began making wooden boxes and selling them at local venues. Five years later, with a few partners, David Marsh began making high end rosewood and walnut conference tables for Houston businesses. In his spare time, he focused on creating pieces that were quite different from this office furniture leaning towards furniture crafted from Ponderosa pine that was relatively simple in nature with a folk or rustic style. In 1978, he began to sell these pieces.

Way before it was fashionable, David Marsh furniture was eco-friendly. The designer chose pine because he believes that only wood that replenishes itself quickly should be used to build furniture. In addition he uses reclaimed wood, recycled materials, and scraps.

David Marsh has been designing truly unique, sustainable, and whimsical furniture out of his Texas studio for over 30 years.

More about David Marsh Furniture....

David Marsh makes a variety of pieces including (but not limited to):

  • Dinning room tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Cabinets
  • Book shelves
  • Night stands

As mentioned above, all of the pieces of furniture produced by David Marsh are made out of Ponderosa pine, reclaimed wood, recycled materials, and scraps in an effort to preserve our environment. However, Ponderosa pine wasn’t selected only because it is more sustainable than most types of wood - it is also harder than many other types of pine. Therefore, furniture made of Ponderosa pine is more likely to withstand the wear and tare of daily life. 

Each piece is handcrafted and any imperfections only add to the uniqueness and beauty. David Marsh and his craftsmen add their signature and a playful message to the back of each piece of furniture as a little something special to further set a piece apart.

Why choose David Marsh furniture?

There are a variety of reasons one might choose David Marsh furniture to compliment a home. Such reason may include:

Unique - As already mentioned, each piece is handcrafted. In addition, the furniture is playful decorated using items such as marbles and tacks, experiments with unusual color combinations, and uses paints that are semi-transparent which allow the grain of the wood to show through.

Durable - Ponderosa pine furniture is tough. It is sure to stand up against time. Although, customers really needn’t worry about the occasional nick or scrap as those will only add additional character to a piece.

Sustainable - David Marsh has tried to use green or sustainable materials whenever possible making this furniture a must have for the eco-conscious home.

Local - This furniture is made in the United States (in Texas to be more exact) meaning it helps support this country.